Welcome to LightHouse Family Restoration Ministries

Just a Word about Who and What We Are

LightHouse Family Restoration Ministries is unique.  There are several good (maybe even great) Christian shelters and rehabs in our area.  Why start something new?  Our goal is to pick up where shelters and rehabs leave off.  Lighthouse was birthed out of watching men and women get to a place where they felt ready to leave rehab and reenter the "normal world".  More often than not, after a matter of weeks or months, sometimes just a matter of days, they were once again looking for a shelter or rehab.  The strength they thought they had was gone.  Money they had saved was spent on drugs, alcohol and cheap motel rooms.  With money spent, the unwillingness of friends and family to go through what they have been through too many times, these men and women are often forced to live in the woods, homeless again.

We're here to help break the cycle.